Designs for maternity and nursing pillows

Besides the filling, probably nothing is more important than the materials used and their workmanship for the attractiveness and durability of your breastfeeding pillow. No matter whether elegant micro-plush and velvety-soft twill for the original Theraline pillow, or particularly high colourfast and mercerized cotton in the standard range, with Theraline you get more quality for your money.

All materials we use are processed soundly and are accurately fitting, pre-shrunk and thus satisfy even the highest requirements as regards durability. All materials and colours meet the criteria of the Ökotex Standard 100, of course, and are free of harmful substances. We would like to wish you much pleasure in your choice of trendy, colourful and attractive designs.

High Quality Twill

The covers on the Original Theraline pillows are produced using high quality cotton. Mercerisation and colourfast reactive printing give it both a fine lustre and a soft and comfortable feel. Try it for yourself and you'll see the difference!

131 Blättertanz

NEW! 131 Dancing Leaves

135 Zarte Blüten

NEW! 135 Tender Blossom

136 Triangelmix

NEW! 136 Triangle Mix

137 Wüstenkönig

NEW! 137 King of the Desert




Feine Composées
100 Happy Sheep

100 Happy Sheep

105 Kolibris

105 Hummingbird

30 Art deco egret

30 Art Deco egret

57 Blumenranke

57 Bouquet

59 Waterdots lila

59 Waterdots purple

60 Paisley

60 Paisley

80 Sommerblüten

80 Summer Bloom



31 Schaf beige

31 Sheep beige

69 Esel Laguna Türkis

69 Donkey Laguna Turquois

70 Esel Akazie Gelb

70 Donkey Acacia Yellow

Crinkly Animals

Schöne Applikationen mit Knistereffekt auf unseren Punktedessins aus weichem Feinköper.

26 Knisterlöwe

26 Crinkly Lion

27 Knisterfuchs

27 Crinkly Fox

103 Indie Dots Petrol

28 Crinkly Sheep

Dezente Dessins & Polka Dots
101 Indie Dots Gruen

101 Indie Dots Green

102 Indie Dots Grau

102 Indie Dots Grey

103 Indie Dots Petrol

103 Indie Dots Petrol

119 Indie Dots Antikrosa

119 Indie Dots Antique Pink

106 Sternenhimmel

106 Starry Sky

121 Hooks black&white

121 Hooks black&white

17 polka dots tuerkis

17 Dots Turquois

32 Polka Dots flieder

32 Dots Grape

33 Polka Dots grau

33 Dots Grey

56 Polka Dots marsala

56 Dots Marsala

75 Polka Dots beige

75 Dots Beige

77 Polka Dots marine

77 Dots Blue

16 chambray

16 Chambray



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Good Old Classics
41 bluemchen gelb

41 Little Flowers Yellow

49 fische gelb

49 Fish Yellow

58 retroblume rosa

58 Retroflower Pink

86 blumenwiese orange

86 Flowerfield Orange

88 retro rot

88 Retroflower Red

50 Karo Blau

50 Check Blue

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Organic cotton (approx. 190 g/m2)

Theraline organic cotton is cultivated and harvested assuring high social standards and without making use of dispensable machinery. The production completely abstains from using petroleum-based synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Furthermore the complete manufacturing process of the used cotton namely cultivation, spinning, knitting, dyeing and storing is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). CO2 emissions resulting from the production are fully compensated by Theraline..

94 Jersey türkis-elfenbein

94 Jersey Turquois / Pebble Stone

95 Jersey mittelblau-grau

95 Jersey Midblue / Gray

98 Jersey fuchsia-cappuccino

98 Jersey Fuchsia / Cappuccino


Jersey Melange (approx. 190 g/m2)

115 Melange Navyblau

NEU! 115 Melange Navyblue

116 Melange Mittelgrau

NEU! 116 Melange Midgrey

117 Melange Khakigrün

NEU! 117 Melange Khakigreen


Jersey (approx. 190 g/m2)

As part of our Uni Collection we can also supply covers in Jersey fabric. Soft and cuddly, all materials used are dyed using colourfast reactive printing processes.

11 Jersey Dunkelbraun

11 Dark Brown

12 Jersey Lila

12 Purple

13 Jersey Türkis

13 Turquois

14 Jersey Schilfgrün

14 Reed Green

15 Jersey Cappuccino

15 Cappuccino

22 Jersey Kieselgrau

22 Pebble Stone

23 Jersey Anthrazit Creme

23 Anthracite Creme

24 Jersey Rot

24 Red

42 Jersey Grau

42 Grey

43 Jersey Anthrazit

43 Anthracite

44 Jersey Fuchsia

44 Fuchsia

45 Jersey Ocker

45 Ochre

46 Jersey Jägergrün

46 Cactus Green

47 Jersey Rotbraun

47 Red Brown

53 Jersey Orientblau

53 Orient Blue

78 Jersey Rotorange

78 Red Orange

79 Jersey Neongrün

79 Neon Green

83 Jersey Ecru

83 Ecru

118 Pastellgrün

118 Celadon



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High quality twill (approx. 170 g/m2)

132 Big Stars grau

NEW! 132 Big Stars Grey

133 Elefantenherde

NEW! 133 Walk of Elephants

116 Melange Mittelgrau

107 Owls

116 Melange Mittelgrau

108 Hearts Grey

117 Melange Khakigrün

109 Hearts Blue

120 Melange Royalblau

18 Bubbles Green


Terry cloth plush & stretch combination

Soft and cuddly as micro-plush, the terry cloth weave ensures fuller micro fibres for added comfort. The terry cloth plush, together with ultra-flexible stretch material, is ideal for moon and neck pillows.

134 Korallrot

NEW! 134 Coral Red

72 Frotteeplüsch Grau

72 Silver Grey

73 Frotteeplüsch Eisblau

73 Ice Blue

74 Grün

74 Green

76 Frotteeplüsch Malve

76 Mallow

125 Steingrau

125 Stone Grey

126 Taupe

126 Taupe


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Renforcé with reactive printing (approx. 135 g/m2

Covers for the less expensive Theraline pillows are manufactured using fine reinforced cotton & we use a colourfast reactive printing process. A light peach finish makes the covers cuddly, soft and easy to care for.

49 Fische Gelb

49 Fish Yellow

86 Blumenwiese Orange

86 Flowerfield Orange

75 Retroblume Lila

75 Retroflower Purple

88 Retroblume Rot

88 Retroflower Red



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