Care and washing of maternity and nursing pillows

Read instruction sheet before use and washing!

Important Notice!

Caution: Leaking filling material can harm the respiratory tract. Pillow to be used with cover only.

Caution: Wash and tumble dry only with laundry bag and in machines big enough to let the pillow move freely. Leakage of filling can damage your machine.

Disclaimer: Distributor refuses liability for loss of contents resulting from leakage.

Wash cover seperately

Tips for quickly putting on pillowcases:

Grafiken zum Beziehen von Stillkissen

Hold up a 15-20 cm long "nose" at the top end of the pillow. This causes the filling, which is not held, to fully drop into the lower part of the pillow. Now push the "nose" into the very end of your pillowcase. As you turn the pillow, hold onto the lining fabric with one hand from the outside. After the filling has dropped into the lower part, take a new "nose" on the other side and push the pillow all the way to the end again. Now you just need to distribute the filling evenly in both ends of the pillow and you can then do up the zip.


Theraline does not recommend utilisation as a bed border or baby nest before the baby is at least 12 months old. Midwives and physicians basically do not recommend using any pillows in the sleeping environment of babies.


Since March 2015 we decided to change the refill-opening of our pillows from zipper to an approximately 15 cm long and self-sealing tunnel opening. It might appear complicated in the beginning but we hope to have improved the refilling process for you. If at all only a few beads will fall to the ground or stick to your hands and clothes.

To refill a Theraline nursing pillow via the new refill-opening please proceed as follows:

Neue Nachfüllpackung Bild 11. You can easily handle it on your own but we recommend doing it in pairs. Choose a location for your refill where you can easily remove possibly leaking micro-beads with a vacuum cleaner. Take the tube out of the attachment and insert it into the opening at the seam of the refill package. Please make sure you only insert the tube until the marking.

Neuer "Nachfülltunnel" an Theraline-Kissen2. You can find the refill opening of the nursing pillow-inlet opposite to the care labels at the outer seam.



a) insert into refill packaging (approx. 5 cm)
b) viewing window
c) insert into pillow refill opening

Refill3. Hold the refill package with the tube facing up and insert the tube until approximately 5 cm into the refill opening of the inlet (meaning approx. 14 cm of the tube have to be inserted into the inlet). If the tube is not inserted deeply enough you will possibly not be able to refill the inlet. Now hold up the refill package for making the micro-beads flow into the inlet.

If the tube is not inserted deeply enough you will possibly not be able to refill the inlet. Now hold up the refill package for making the micro-beads flow into the inlet.

With the inlet being properly refilled please carefully pull the tube out. Beforehand make sure the tube is not still filled with micro-beads by letting them flow off to either the inlet or the refill package.

We provide you with perfectly filled nursing and support pillows assuring a comfortable and safe lateral position. Thanks to the handy refill opening at the inlet you nevertheless can make use of the opportunity to remove filling. This can for example increase flexibility when directly using it as a nursing pillow. For removing purposes we have equipped the pillow inlet with a self-sealing tunnel opening. You can find it opposite to the care labels at the outer seam. Roll any DIN A4 page to a tight tube (Ø 1,5 cm) and insert approx. 14 cm of it into the tunnel opening. When turning the inlet upside down the micro-beads will flow through the tube and can be collected in a bag. Just remove as much as you need to achieve the favored filling degree. You can certainly as well refill the inlet this way. Tip: either do it outside or have a vacuum cleaner ready to remove possibly leaking micro-beads.