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How do I care for my Mamma pads?

To prolong the life of your Mamma pads wash them after use in warm, soapy water. The pads should be left to dry naturally. Do not dry with a cloth as this may reduce the life of the silicone.

How many times can I use Mamma Pads?

If properly cared for, Mamma Pads can be used over 150 times or around 2-3 months.
Theraline Tip: Rotate and use two pairs of Mamma Pads, so there's always a clean, fresh pair available.

Can I wear the Mamma Pads if my nipples are cracked or inflamed?

Unfortunately, not. Please stop using if your nipples are inflamed or sore. Take the time to fully recover first before you start using Mamma Pads. If you are unsure, please check with your health visitor.

What can I do if I find that Mamma Pads feel too tight?

If you have sensitive nipples apply a small blob of moisturising cream on top of each nipple.
This will help improve your wearing comfort.

When can I start using Mamma pads?

If you have well defined nipples and average milk production you can use Mamma Pads during your baby's 1st or 2nd week of breast feeding. If your nipples are less well defined wait until around Week 16 after the birth of your baby. Always store your Mamma Pads in the box provided so they are kept clean and hygienic.

My Mamma Pads don't seem to stay in place. What can I do?

Always ensure your Mamma Pads are free of fluff and dust.
If for any reason you are not 100% happy with the product, we guarantee a full refund.

Do Mamma Pads come in different sizes?

Mamma Pads comes in one universal size, but if for any reason you are unhappy with the product,
we guarantee a full refund.

How do I apply the Mamma Pads for the very first time?

For hygienic reasons we recommend that the Mamma Pads should be boiled for approximately 1-2 minutes before use without the protective cups. Air dry and then turn the adhesive side of the Pad outwards and press it dead centre onto the nipple. It is important that the nipple is carefully pushed with the finger, in order to achieve the desired effect. No milk leaks out of the breast when the nipple is pushed in. Afterwards, smooth out the pad carefully with the hand onto the breasts.

Will it harm my breasts if I use silicone pads?

There are no adverse effects at all, but if your nipples are inflamed or sore,
or if you notice a rash please stop using and discuss with your health visitor or GP.

Are Mamma Pads safe to use?

Mamma Pads use gentle pressure on the nipple to prevent the escape of breast milk
and are perfectly safe to use.

Why am I still getting some leakage even when wearing Mamma Pads?

If the pads are not carefully attached or are no longer adhesive due to age,
a small amount of milk may leak from the nipple.

Can I swim whilst wearing Mamma Pads or will they drop off?

The nursing pads are made of breathable silicone which prevent the escape of breast milk. Their use will not restrict your everyday activities and you can rely on their protection at all times, even when swimming. Make sure your breast is dry before fitting the Mamma Pads, particularly before swimming.