Der Plüschmond

The Plushy Moon

Handy tummy support &
breastfeeding pillow

Comfortable head & neck pillow

Cuddly snuggling & reading pillow

Soft to the touch.

The combination counts: Fantastically cuddly terry plush that is combined with ultra-flexible stretch material and filled with original micro pearls. This pillow is exceptionally comfortable. You'll not only sleep really well, but your head will always be positioned correctly.

Luxurious comfort – try it and see!


The Theraline Plushy Moon is unbelievably soft and cuddly and is perfect to use when relaxing. It is an easy to carry pregnancy and baby feeding pillow, making it ideal if you already have a larger pregnancy and baby feeding pillow at home, but like to use one when you're out and about. And if you're tall, its special shape enables you to elevate your baby's head higher than you would normally be able to when using some of the other smaller nursing pillows available. What more could you ask for!

The magic of touch.

Cuddly terry cloth plush combined with ultra-flexible stretch cotton and filled with the fine sand-like original micro beads creates a really comfortable pregnancy and baby feeding pillow never experienced before.


Product information

Size Plushy MoonExternal dimensions:
approx. 140 cm x 27 cm
Filling quantity: approx. 17 Liter
Füllung: EPS micro pearls
Weight of pearls: 25 g/l
Washable up to 40° C
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Plushy Moon


Theraline Plushy Moon