Theraline Kirschkernkissen

Cherry Stone Pillows

Attractive designs

Perfect machining

Cleaned completely naturally

Cherry Stone Pillows - wonderful warmth

KirschkernkissenNo matter whether as a small gift for the birth of a new baby, as a promotional gift for a product introduction or because you want to treat yourself to something special, Theraline cherry stone pillows will convince you with their top quality and attractive designs.

They enjoy great popularity as warming, cooling and massage pillows, due to the pleasant temperature release, and have a relaxing massaging effect at the same time.

Solidly machined attractive materials and selected cherry stones cleaned without the use of chemicals make the Theraline cherry stone pillows the best choice at the lowest prices.



Product information

Sizes: 12x12 cm, 19x19 cm or 23x26 cm,
Filling quantity: 80g, 400g or 700g.
Possible fillings: Cherry stones / rape seed


Simply original - the cherry stone pillow shapes

Kirschkernkissen FormenYou are looking for a special cherry stone pillow? You will find it here!

These Theraline cherry stone pillows captivate by their original shape and practical advantages in use. Place the particularly light star on your baby's tummy, use the moon as convenient neck pillow or give your best friend a warming heart.

And, of course, as with all of our products, the cost effectiveness is unbeatable.



Product information

Small shapes: width approx. 19-26 cm,
Large shapes: approx. 28-30 cm,
Filling quantity:
Small shapes: approx. 300g,
Large shapes: approx. 480g.
Possible fillings: Cherry stones / rape seed