Neck Pillows

Perfect as a travel & sleep pillow

Keeps your baby in a stable lateral position

Great cost effectiveness


Neck Pillows

Theraline Nackenkissen mittel

Regardless of the size, whether for a baby or infant, as a travel pillow for adults, in daily hospital use for patient bedding or for that little nap in between - Theraline neck pillows will convince you thanks to their unique filling with millions of fine sand-like micro-beads.

Theraline neck pillows are individual, flexible and provide solid support, different to head and neck pillows with polyester fibre fillings.

Theraline neck pillows always have an optimal filling and for this reason do not press the baby's head forward, e.g. when used as a car-pillow, but gently support the neck if your child falls asleep. Theraline neck pillows with external cover are available in three sizes: for babies, toddlers and adults.

Product information:

External dimensions:
large: approx. 110 cm x 34 cm,
medium: approx. 100 cm x 21 cm,
small: approx. 85 cm x 19 cm,
Filling quantity:
large: approx. 13 litres,
medium: approx. 6 litres,
small: approx. 4 litres
Possible fillings:
EPS micro beads / polyester / spelt husk

Animal neck pillow

Theraline Animal Neck Pillow Sheep
  • Original, attractive designs
  • Fine sand-like micro-bead filling
  • High functionality

Theraline animal neck pillows are the ideal combination of a cuddly toy, sleeping and travelling pillow. Your baby can now simply take its cuddly toy with on short or long routes; use as a head support and as a pillow in guest beds.

Available in two sizes and three designs.

Product information

External dimensions:
large: approx. 85 cm x 15 cm,
small: approx. 65 cm x 10 cm,
Filling quantity:
large: approx. 4 litres,
small: approx. 2 litres
Possible fillings: EPS micro beads

Car & Buggy "Sleepy"

Theraline Nackenkissen mittel
  • Head supports during car & buggy rides
  • Prevents the head falling to the side
  • Suitable for all child seats and buggies

The side-supporting pillow for children from 0-3 years. The Car & Buggy Sleepy can be easily fastened, adjusted and detached in all child seats and buggies. It supports the head during car and buggy rides and prevents the head falling to the side when your child is sleeping. The practical clips are attached to the back of the seat and hold the pillow tightly.

Product information

Filling quantity: approx. 1 litre
Possible fillings: EPS micro beads