Der Theraline Schwangerschafts- und Stillgürtel - Kaiserschnittgürtel






PEARLfusion - for a perfectly positioned sleep

Stability and support - alway adjusted right

  • Dreamteam: micro beads and viscoelastic foam
  • PEARLfect support for neck and shoulder region
  • 100% organic-cotton cover
  • offers support, stability and a perfectly adjusted head
  • flexible for supine and lateral position
  • incomparably comfortable: give it a try!

Our small beads make a difference:

For the PEARLfusion pillow finest micro-beads and extraordinarily elastic polyurethane foam merge into a unique symbiosis. Experience a completely new way of resting. PEARLfusion: never too firm, never too soft. Do you know the feeling of being equipped with "the wrong pillow"? Feather, polyester and polyurethane pillow fillings often prove to be instable or far too firm. Therefore we created PEARLfusion: millions of finest micro-beads assure stability while they also perfectly adjust to your head and neck. The flexible cotton-elastane inlet always offers enough space for the pearls inside the depths of the pillow to flow free into your individually optimal position. Meanwhile the upper layer made of premium foam holds your head incomparably soft and comfortable. The teamwork does the job and naturally results in a unique effect. Your head rests perfectly and you will experience pure and deep sleep.

Healthy sleeping & waking up stress-relieved with PEARLfusion.

PEARLfusion - 3 different heights

The removable 100% organic-cotton cover completes the PEARLfusion experience.

The pleasantly soft organic-cotton in a jersey quality is being grown and picked according to high social and ecological standards. The production completely abstains from using petroleum-based synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. Furthermore the complete manufacturing process of the used cotton namely cultivation, spinning, knitting, dyeing and storing is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). CO2 emissions resulting from the production are fully compensated by Theraline.


Product information

Size PEARLfusionInlet:
87% Cotton, 13% Elastane
100% Organic Cotton
100% Polystyrene (Micro beads)