The most convincing purchasing argument and certified pollution-free for mother and child!


The health and safety of your family is dear to our heart. In 1994 we started using a complex treatment to prevent styrene evaporation as the first supplier of breastfeeding pillows. Please compare the test results of well-known maternity pillow brands in the magazine Ökotest from 1997/98. But not just cheap suppliers still use untreated filling materials even today. The TOXPROOF® symbol from the TÜV Rhineland/Brandenburg for pollutant-free breastfeeding pillows - developed in co-operation with Theraline in 1998 - is today used by reliable manufacturers to give the reassurance of buying a healthy product. But regardless of the filling or cover material, we maintain a focus on pollutant-free products and product safety. Theraline breastfeeding pillows with bead filling material have carried, of course, the TOXPROOF® label of the TÜV-Rhineland since 1998.

In order to label products with this certificate, the strictest criteria of the TÜV Rhineland have to be satisfied:


Besides the TOXPROOF® certificate of the TÜV Rhineland, which was awarded to all Theraline breastfeeding pillows in 1998, our Original Theraline breastfeeding pillow was certified in September 2003 as the first EPS bead pillow with the ÖKO-TEST label "very good".

We are particularly pleased about this further certification of our "big" pillow. But, of course, the "smaller" pillows also fulfil the requirements of the ÖKO-TEST magazine, as all pillows are made of identical materials to a large extent. For this reason, the customer who opts for another pillow in our range can be sure to receive an all round "healthy" product.

Only pollutant-free materials are used for all products in production. Special care is taken to free the filling from possible pollutants.

Campaign "Check it out"

Dear Parents, for your safety and to avoid "black sheep":

The bead filling used by Theraline is, of course, always elaborately processed to produce a pillow filling which is harmless to health.

The TOXPROOF® certificate from the TÜV Rhineland attached to each Theraline breastfeeding pillow is a warranty for this. Unfortunately, this is not a matter of course for many suppliers. In order to produce cheaply, poor quality or polystyrene which is not treated at all is filled directly into pillows. Such pillows are easily identifiable by their smell. This ranges from having a slight plastic smell to that of an "adhesive". Different consumer protection organizations and also the ÖKO-Test magazine have always warned against this drawback.

For this reason, we would like to ask you to participate in our campaign "Check it out" and warn your friends, brothers and sisters who are thinking of buying a breastfeeding pillow about the possible smell. Shopkeepers, who often do not know that the pillows they sell have an evaporation problem, should, of course, be advised of this.

Toxproof certified