Mamma Pads - die clevere Stilleinlage

Alle Milch dem Baby ęcorbis_fancy-Fotolia.comMamma Pads - the really smart breast pad.

Once you've used Mamma Pads you won't want to use anything else! Instead of collecting milk in nursing pads, this simple silicone pad temporarily shuts off your milk ducts by gently pressing in the nipple.

Once removed the milk ducts open again and your milk can fl ow normally for the next feed. Mamma Pads will adapt to every breast shape. It applies gentle pressure which carefully inverts the nipple. You will be delighted with the results. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with the product, we guarantee a complete refund.



For active and conscious mums.

Mamma Pads are really easy to use. They are virtually invisible, and so light and unobtrusive you will soon forget you have them on. No other nursing pad is as discreet or thin.

The use of breathable silicone means Mama Pads are also hygienic, leaving you feeling complely dry and comfortable. This makes them ideal for all round-use whether you're at home, work or swimming on holiday! Because Mamma Pads are resusable up to 150+* times they are eco-friendly and far more inexpensive than other breastfeeding inserts. Simply wash in soap and warm water, dry and you're ready to go!

Easy and pleasant to use.

Thanks to a very thin, medical adhesive coating, the breathable silicone nursing pads stay in place easily. The adhesive coating of the soft high tech silicone pad adapts to every breast shape. It applies gentle pressure which carefully inverts the nipple. The use of breathable silicone means Mamma Pads are comfortable, unobturstive and easy to wear.

Silicone engables a gas and oxygen exchange, very similar to your own skin. (The same priniciple used with contact lenses). Mamma Pads are really light and easy to wear so you'll soon forget you've even got them on.



The virtually invisible breastfeeding insert.

• Breathable and dry to wear
• Use even when swimming or on holiday
• Can be reused up to 150+ times*
• Invisible under close fi tting clothes
• Sleep without wearing a bra

Mamma Pad Querschnitt

Product information

Contents: 2 silicone breastfeeding inserts with straps
Mamma Pads: Silicone
Straps: PET
Box: Polypropylene

* An approximate figure dependent upon the level of use and care taken when using each pad.